BuildStream 1.1.7 (rc2) released

Hi all,

This is the second release candidate leading up to BuildStream 1.2, a
lot of bugs have been fixed with this release.

Of particular interest, artifact cache servers require an upgrade with
this release. While the artifact cache server remains backwards
compatible, clients who upgrade to 1.1.7 will not be able to
communicate with older cache servers.

What is BuildStream ?
BuildStream is a Free Software tool for building/integrating software
stacks. It takes inspiration, lessons and use-cases from various
projects including OBS, Reproducible Builds, Yocto, Baserock,
Buildroot, Aboriginal, GNOME Continuous, JHBuild, Flatpak Builder and
Android repo.

BuildStream supports multiple build-systems (e.g. autotools, cmake,
distutils, make, meson), and can create outputs in a range of formats
(e.g. debian packages, flatpak runtimes, sysroots, system images) for
multiple platforms and chipsets.

buildstream 1.1.7

  o Fix CAS resource_name format

    Artifact servers need to be updated.

  o Improved startup performance and performance of
    calculating artifact cache size

  o Various other bug fixes

 - Chandan Singh
 - Javier Jardón
 - Jonathan Maw
 - Josh Smith
 - Jürg Billeter
 - Mathieu Bridon
 - Sam Thursfield
 - Tiago Gomes
 - Tristan Van Berkom
 - Valentin David
 - William Salmon

Where can I get it ?

For more information on the BuildStream project, visit our home page


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