Geoclue 2.4.12


This release is mainly to provide a work-around for documentation build issue
with 2.4.11 release tarball. It also fixes our library .pc file to respect the
includedir option.

Contributors to this release:

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>
Zeeshan Ali <zeenix collabora co uk>

Release tarball:
sha256sum: 05d0e2ec077a685de2a9c63973fe6d18366ca53881d1f0750110b93c5c68caca

Geoclue is a D-Bus service that provides location information. The
primary goal of the Geoclue project is to make creating location-aware
applications as simple as possible, while the secondary goal is to
ensure that no application can access location information without
explicit permission from user.

Geoclue is Free Software, licensed under GNU GPLv2+. It is developed for Linux.

The aim of project is to utilize all possible sources of geolocation
to best find user's location:

* WiFi-based geolocation (accuracy: in meters)
* GPS(A) receivers (accuracy: in centimeters)
* GPS of other devices on the local network, e.g smartphones
  (accuracy: in centimeters)
* 3G modems (accuracy: in kilometers, unless modem has GPS)
* GeoIP (accuracy: city-level)

Geoclue used to also do (reverse-)geocoding but that functionality has
been dropped in favor of geocode-glib library.

D-Bus API documentation:
Library API documentation:


Zeeshan Ali

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