GParted 0.30.0 Released

GParted is the GNOME Partition Editor for creating, reorganizing, and
deleting disk partitions.

The GParted 0.30.0 release includes an interim fix to enable running
GParted as root under Wayland in addition to other bug fixes and
language translation updates.


The installation location of the gparted script has changed and package
scripts calling pkexec can be dropped.

This release provides an interim workaround to allow GParted to run
under Wayland by using xhost to grant and revoke root access to the X11
display.  This must be enabled while building the software with:

    ./configure --enable-xhost-root

Pkexec from polkit has been made the first choice graphical SU program
as all the desktops have settled on using polkit as the privileged
access mechanism.  See "Installing polkit's Action File" section in the
README file for when an additional installation step may be needed.

Also changed is that execution of the graphical SU program has been
moved from gparted.desktop to the gparted shell wrapper.  Therefore
gparted can be run either by an unprivileged user or by root and as such
is installed in $prefix/bin rather than $prefix/sbin.  This additionally
means distributions can drop their pkexec scripts used to launch gparted.

Key changes include:
     - Interim fix for GParted fails to run as root under Wayland
     - Fix reading Unicode labels when no FS specific tools available
     - Safely quote and escape external programs arguments

Visit for more details.

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