[ANNOUNCEMENT] Gnote 3.24.0 released

Gnote 3.24.0 - "If at first you do succeed, try to hide your
astonishment" has been released!

You can download it here: https://download.gnome.org/sources/gnote/3.24/

This is the new stable series. Release notes below are for last release
only. For full list of changes since last stable release please also
have a look at development release notes:

  * Left align items in popovers and increase vertical spacing (#778823)
  * Fix --background option
  * Make D-Bus APIs for opening notes respect new window setting (#778871)
  * Change default for window to not autosize (#778822)
  * Fix no icon for Gnote windows in some WMs (#762001)
  * Use icon for Create Note button (#704116)
  * Fix crash in search

  * Updated translations:
    - Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
    - Czech (cs)
    - Danish (da)
    - German (de)
    - Hungarian (hu)
    - Indonesian (id)
    - Italian (it)
    - Lithuanian (lt)
    - Polish (pl)
    - Swedish (sv)
    - Turkish (tr)


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