GNOME Keysign 0.8 released

GNOME Keysign is a tool to make signing OpenPGP keys as easy as possible.
This is the v0.8 release which fixes a few bugs and adds a gpgme based
gpg library.

The project location also changed to


 * Show a window with a stacktrace if an exception is not caught
 * Added gpgmh which wraps both monkeysign and gpgme
 * Dynamically construct static widgets
 * The fullscreen QR code can now be moved to another screen by pressing
   the left or right key
 * The keyserver module can now be called directly to serve a given key
 * Made the Keyserver poll more often to detect shutdowns earlier
 * Make it find the relevant key faster by ordering the list
   of servers before attempting to download


Web site:

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