FileManager-Actions 3.4 is out

Hi everybody,

It has been a very long time since previous release, but we are proud today
to announce the latest 3.4 version of FileManager-Actions.

FileManager-Actions is the new name of (now obsoleted) Nautilus-Actions.
Thanks to Wolfgang Ulbrich, FileManager-Actions now also supports Caja-Actions
from Mate Desktop.

What is it ?

   FileManager-Actions is a file-manager extension whose principal function
   is to allow the user to add arbitrary actions to the file manager context
   menus. These actions may be organized in menus and submenus, exported and
   shared with other desktop environments.

   FileManager-Actions supports both Nautilus and Caja file-managers.

What is new in this release ?

   All support to Gtk 2 has been removed.
   Minimal required versions are now:
   - Gtk 3.4
   - GLib 2.32.
   See NEWS [1] and ChangeLog [2][3] for all details.

FileManager-Actions 3.4 is available for download at

   sha1sum: a7e8cf46287f357ebfb2c2c658232a21d4bf5f91
    md5sum: 0f17e29b5b9dc39746ee51dd5a6a0cda

Home page is here:

Bug reports are always welcome at
(coming soon).

All discussions relative to FileManager-Actions can be posted to
one of its three dedicated mailing lists:

Have a lot of fun with it !

The FileManager-Actions maintainer(s).


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