GNOME Games 3.22.0 released

About Games

Games is a GNOME 3 application to browse your video games library and to
easily pick and play a game from it


* Inhibition:
 - Inhibit blank screen on idle when playing a game
 - Inhibit session closing when playing a game

* Prevent the media selector button to show up when it shouldn't

* Look for local covers for Mega-CD and PC-Engine CD-ROMĀ²

* Detect more Mega Drive and PlayStation games

* Bugs fixed:
 769968 Screensaver kicks in while playing
 771360 mega-drive: Mega-CD games should look for local covers
 771361 pc-engine: CD-ROMĀ² games should look for local covers
 771511 mega-drive: Some games are not detected
 771512 grilo: Critical errors caused by wrong 'return_if_fail'
 771513 ui: Media selector sometimes visible on 'Unable to run game' page
 771514 playstation: Some discs have their BOOT header at 0xA9F98

* Translation updates:

======== (1.2M)
  sha256sum: d0bd820db75bab058e5e555209bddafc2f98051be0002f2fca4969f14a58b7b0

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