GNOME Games 3.21.2 released

About Games

Games is a GNOME 3 application to browse your video games library and to
easily pick and play a game from it


* Prompt the user when quitting a game that can't be restored

* Add support for:
 - Atari 2600
 - Atari 7800

* Add icons for:
 - Nintendo DS

* Fix the theming to the latest GTK+

* Use filename as the SNES game title source

* Bugs fixed:
 109 List Atari 2600 games
 160 Some SNES titles are badly rendered
 238 SNES games titles are ugly/unusable
 259 Warn before quitting a game
 263 List Atari 7800 games
 275 Refactor MIME type queries
 276 Rename *UID classes to *Uid
 278 Use URIs in RetroRunne
 282 Typo in translatable string
 283 Adding simple game types should be trivial
 285 Simplify the existing simple game formats
 288 Quitting app while running Retro game don't save
 289 Refactor icon handling
 290 Display LÖVE games' own icons
 291 Display Nintendo DS games' own icons
 292 Remove custom game types
 293 Remove SteamRunner
 294 The theme is broken

* Translation updates:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Chinese (China)

======== (1.1M)
  sha256sum: 71b28abe0edbdd04c814ede980bd97cd628f4172a07e0eb97451a18fa8d35653

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