gspell 1.0

gspell 1.0 has been released. gspell is a new library that provides a
flexible API to add spell checking to a GTK+ application. Most of the
code comes from the gedit spell plugin, but there has been some
significant changes and new features have been added.

Current features:
* GObject wrappers around the Enchant library
* An inline spell checker for GtkTextView
* A spell checker dialog for GtkTextView
* Support of the no-spell-check tag defined by GtkSourceView
* Language choosers (button and dialog)


News (0.2.6 -> 1.0.0)

* The API is now stable. Future 1.x stable versions will be backward compatible
  with the 1.0 version.
* Translation updates

======== (373K)
  sha256sum: 6a50257c871c318445881c115bdd11bb8da6672f7d5b99e96c2e7b5c00f077da

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