GNOME Games 3.19.92 released

Version 3.19.92

* Add support for:
 - Neo-Geo Pocket

* Add the expected Retro module name to its 'not found' error message

* Check whether a Tracker cursor represents a game 

* Fix the Amiga MIME-type

* UI:
 - Enable the error info bar label to wrap
 - Trigger search in collection view by typing

* Bugs fixed:
  82 Error messages too wide
 103 List Neo Geo Pocket games
 113 List arcade games
 114 Add search by starting typing
 167 Useless error when plugin is missing
 250 Remove barely used 'module_path' and 'game_path' attributes
 257 Lots of useless warnings in tracker-game-source
 260 Can't list amiga games
 267 Search prevent games to be played with keyboard

* Translation updates:


* GitHub:
* Release:
* Download:
* Bugs:

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