GNOME Games 3.21.91 released

About Games

Games is a GNOME 3 application to browse your video games library and to
easily pick and play a game from it


* Improve using Games as a Flatpak

* UI:
 - Add fullscreen support
 - Toggle fullscreen with Ctrl+F or F11
 - Retore the window with Escape
 - Support covers named similarly to the game file
 - Support covers allongside the game named as cover.* or folder.*
 - Pause the game when the window is unfocused
 - Resume the game when the window is focused
 - Hide search bar out of collection view
 - Refactor the resume dialog
 - Prompt what to do on game resuming failure
 - Reduce UI freezes when parsing MAME games
 - Display game loading errors in an error page rather than an info box

* Gamepads:
 - Can build without gamepad support
 - Can build without udev (use a gamepad discovery fallback)
 - Support gamepads without a mapping but sending proper gamepad events
 - Read mappings from the user's config directory
 - Fix the value of some mishandled axes

* Add support for:
 - Game Boy Color
 - Game Gear
 - Mega-CD/Sega CD
 - Mega-CD 32X/Sega CD 32X
 - Mega Drive 32X/Sega 32X
 - PC-Engine CD-ROMĀ²
 - PlayStation
 - Sega Pico
 - SG-1000

* PlayStation:
 - Display the correct title for known games
 - Support known games with multiple discs
 - Use the disc's title rather than its number when available

* Bugs fixed:
 GitHub 94 List PlayStation games
 GitHub 174 Sometimes steam games installed not in path reported by registry.vdf
 GitHub 308 Search bar slowly disappear when running game
 GitHub 309 Ability to add custom gamepad mappings
 GitHub 311 Should Always reset the Libretro core when starting a game
 GitHub 312 Refactor the UI code
 GitHub 313 gamepads: A wrong mapping can make the application crash
 GitHub 314 Internationalize error messages
 GitHub 315 Can't run Mega Drive games even with plugin installed
 GitHub 318 Extract cue sheets handling out of Sega Saturn plugin
 GitHub 319 Refactor headers file reading
 GitHub 322 Accessing cue sheet track with an invalid index segfaults
 GitHub 326 Make it possible to run multi-source games
 769318 retro: Support gamepad rumble
 769329 ui: Add fullscreen support
 769345 playstation: PlayStationHeader doesn't give a correct disc ID
 769438 ui: Add a keyboard shortcut to trigger fullscreen
 769439 refactor: Move generic type implementations to their own directory
 769444 build: Allow to build with $builddir != $srcdir
 769468 master-system: Support Game Gear
 769472 master-system: Support SG-1000
 769473 mega-drive: Support Mega Drive 32X
 769474 mega-drive: Support Mega-CD
 769475 mega-drive: Support Sega Pico
 769496 pc-engine: Suport PC-Engine CD games
 769638 769638
 769647 build: Rename icons from gnome-games to org.gnome.Games
 769676 ui: Look for covers alongside the game files
 769678 retro: Support libretro cores distributed with a .info
 769801 Tell the user nicely when a ROM isn't supported
 769825 grilo: Fix errors when without internet access
 769829 Use libsoup instead of gvfs to download the covers
 769832 Blocks on startup
 769836 gamepads: Support gamepads properly mapped in the kernel
 769844 gnome-games: Fix compile time errors
 769909 Fix module path checking
 769924 Improve the resume dialog
 769963 ui: Useless TrackerGameSource in Application.load_game_list()
 769904 gamepad: Add fallback support for gamepads without udev
 769938 Handle failures when resuming a game
 769993 Why a cancellable when quitting the game?
 770004 Drop the runners when quitting a game
 770011 Pause the runner when the window doesn't have focus
 770142 [Alt+Tab]ing back to the application doesn't resume the game.
 770468 gamepad: Several annoying bugs
 770491 Critical error "Source ID was not found when attempting to remove it"
 770492 ui: Cursor hidden after leaving fullscreen
 769495 game-boy: Support Game Boy Color
 770470 playstation: Some valid games don't have a BOOT header
 770471 playstation: Support .bin.ecm games

* Translation updates:
 Brazilian Portuguese

======== (1.2M)
sha256sum: 1e1369809a3838fa9a723c26f697364944df3d3953c0d9962a4c4d4e1ac3fca0

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