Valum web micro-framework 0.1.0-alpha released.

I am pleased to announce you that Valum 0.1.0-alpha has been released!

Valum is a web micro-framework written in Vala and based on 

It provides an abstraction for web server technologies (VSGI) and two
implementations: libsoup-2.4 Server and FastCGI. If this components get
enough interest, I will eventually release it as a standalone library
to build other web development tools in Vala.

What's really great about Valum is that it tries to dig a place in web
development for the GLib ecosystem and I hope I could reach that goal
by the end of the summer.

There's been a lot of work on the framework since the last release
(about 4 years ago) and I really hope you enjoy it.

The whole release notes can be found here:

The user documentation is located here:

We do not have a discussion group as of right now, but you can comment
on this reddit thread:

Guillaume Poirier-Morency <guillaumepoiriermorency gmail com>

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