gnome-builder 3.16.3

Version 3.16.3

Your Builder development team has been working hard to build on the
tremendous momentum of the last few months. 3.16.3 is like each of it's
predecessors, packed with new features and bug fixes.

I'd like to personally thank everyone who contributed bugs during the
cycle. You keep us on our toes.

This release shows a sharp spike in contributions from new and existing
GNOME community members. I'm very happy to see this happening and look
forward to building Builder together.

Of note in this release:

 • A new source code minimap, recently pushed upstream into
 • A new greeter based on recent design work.
 • A new XML highlighter to highlight matching XML elements.
 • Support for ctags-based auto-completion.
 • High-performance, mutli-threaded counters that can be enabled with
   --enable-rdtscp. These are disabled by default as they require newer
   Intel Core i[357] features. ide-list-counters can be used to extract
   them from a running or crashed process.
 • The preferences interface has been vastly improved.
 • Search improvements.
 • A strftime format completion provider for Python.
 • Additional emacs, vim, and default keybindings.
 • Experimental support for building autotools projects with mingw.
 • Python auto-indenter improvements.
 • Many CSS style improvements on Adwaita.
 • Additional support for recursive-automake-based projects.
 • Some features have made configurable with gsettings.
 • Layered settings support for project vs global settings.
 • Improved modelines support.
 • Support for parsing DOAP files.
 • Various memory leaks were plugged.
 • Incremental highlighting has more aggressive invalidation.
 • Various race conditions in autotools support were fixes.
 • OpenBSD and FreeBSD build system fixes.
 • Many translation improvements.
 • and Ide-1.0.typelib are now installed to a private
   directory, and tools are installed to $libexec/gnome-builder/

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

 • Alexandre Franke
 • Carlos Soriano
 • Christian Hergert
 • Daniel Mustieles
 • Elad Alfassa
 • Erick Pérez Castellanos
 • Garrett Regier
 • Kalev Lember
 • Marek Černocký
 • Patrick Griffis
 • Piotr Drąg
 • Sebastien Lafargue
 • Ting-Wei Lan
 • TingPing
 • Wolf Vollprecht
 • Yosef Or Boczko

This is likely the last release of the 3.16 series. Builder will be
moving development to 3.17 as we prepare for GNOME 3.18.

-- Christian

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