ANNOUNCE: Clutter-GTK 1.6.2 (stable)

Good news, everyone!

A new release of Clutter-GTK is available at:



Clutter-GTK is a library providing facilities to integrate Clutter into GTK+
applications and vice versa.

Clutter-GTK provides a GTK+ widget, GtkClutterEmbed, for embedding the
a Clutter stage into any GtkContainer; and GtkClutterActor, a Clutter
actor for embedding any GtkWidget inside a Clutter stage.

Changes since 1.6.0:
        • Require Clutter 1.22.4 for the GDK-specific API needed to retrieve
          the correct Cogl visual; this fixes Clutter embedding inside GTK on
          systems using the nVidia proprietary Linux binary driver.
        • Documentation updates.

List of bugs fixed:
        #747489 - No access to the Visual used to build the CoglOnscreen
        #699202 - DLL isn't generated by MinGW cross compile on Linux
        #697945 - clutter-win32.h path is wrong

Have fun!

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