tracker 1.5.0

About Tracker

Tracker is a semantic data storage for desktop and mobile devices.
Tracker uses W3C standards for RDF ontologies using Nepomuk with
SPARQL to query and update the data.

Tracker is a central repository of user information, that provides two
big benefits for the user; shared data between applications and
information which is relational to other information (for example:
mixing contacts with files, locations, activities and etc.).


2015-07-13  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        Release 1.5.0

        distcheck fixes

        tracker-extract: Remove ModulePath from comic/ebook rules
        These relied on the dummy extractor, removing the ModulePath is a similar
        silent shortcut since commit 06f7d4a1a.

        extract-gstreamer: Rely better on the GstDiscoverer than mimetype sniffing
        There's mimetypes that easily fool mimetype detection (eg. OGG videos with
        .ogg extension instead of .ogv will be detected as audio/ogg), the
        GstDiscoverer will however find out correctly whether there's audio and/or
        video information, so we should rely on it as a last resort, rather than
        (weaker) mimetype sniffing.

        This prevents .ogg suffixed videos from being played by gnome-music (oddly,
        with success, in a separate window).

2015-07-13  Daniel Mustieles  <daniel mustieles gmail com>

        Updated Spanish translation

2015-07-12  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        libtracker-extract: Accept rules with no ModulePath
        This will enable us to make dummy rules for files that must have some RDF
        type(s), but don't have an extractor module.

2015-07-12  Gilles Dartiguelongue  <eva gentoo org>

        build: Fix AM_CONDITIONAL position HAVE_{GSTREAMER,LIBAV} definition

2015-07-06  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        tracker-extract-gstreamer: Fallback to preview image for album art
        Some files don't provide a cover image, but just a preview image, we can
        use that as albumart.

        This commit reuses code from a fallback which looks bogus nowadays, since
        it just does the same than the while loop above. If we reached there, it
        would fail again for sure.

2015-07-06  Pedro Albuquerque  <palbuquerque73 gmail com>

        Updated Portuguese translation

2015-07-06  Philip Withnall  <philip withnall collabora co uk>

        libtracker-miner: Keep a monitor on root index tree files on deletion
        If Tracker is running with some index-recursive-directories set (for
        example, ~/Music), and one of those directories is moved, then the file
        monitor watching for its existence is deleted. This means that if it is
        then moved back to the location listed in index-recursive-directories,
        its renewed existence is not detected, and its contents are not

        Fix this by keeping a monitor around on a directory if that directory is
        listed as an index tree root, even if the directory is deleted.

2015-07-06  Ville Skyttä  <ville skytta iki fi>

        tracker-sparql.1: Man page syntax fix

        docs: Spelling fixes

2015-07-05  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        tracker-miner-fs: Reset retry counter when we need to prepend parents
        The situation where a parent directory has to be prepended in order to
        process the current file is rare, mainly reserved to IndexFile calls
        on files out of watched dirs.

        This is a corner situation, but it is a legit place where we have to
        put the file back again in the queue, and thus we shouldn't increase
        the retry counter.

        This nominally fixes the indexing of gnome-documents-getting-started.pdf
        on a fresh-out tracker DB, as requested by gnome-shell.

        tracker-preferences: Use the new command line tool
        We resort to the tracker CLI for restart/reindex, the calls have
        changed to use Posix.system() as there's some operations that are
        now mutually exclusive in the CLI tool (eg. reset and start daemons)
        and still need to be performed in a single step here.

        tracker-preferences: Remove needless prints
        These won't tell a lot, since we're killing the whole thing.

2015-07-05  Sam Thursfield  <sam afuera me uk>

        Fix tracker-encoding-test
        After commit ede17cc22b0c6245c030 this was failing to compile.

2015-07-05  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        cli: Improve bash completion script
        We now autocomplete files where it applies (various -f/--file options,
        tracker info) and '-' prefixed switches.

        cli: Mark missing strings for translation
        The help strings in the sql subcommand weren't marked as translated

        extract-mp3: Bail out on encoding detection if confidence is too low
        Libicu encoding detection is able to tell the confidence it got on
        the detection, we should be using that in case the confidence is
        too low, as that means the returned encoding is probably bogus, and
        we have an encoding to fallback on.

        This fixes detection on the file reported on bug #735515, where
        a couple of 'ï' chars (valid ISO-8859-1) make libicu detect UTF-16BE,
        although with an extremely low confidence.

        libtracker-extract: initialize value
        ucsdet_open() expects an status set to 0, otherwise it will bail out
        early. With uninitialized memory we might or might not get that.

2015-07-05  Philip Withnall  <philip withnall collabora co uk>

        vala: Ensure all .vapi files contain GIR namespace CCode attributes
        Ensure all .vapi files exported by Tracker contain gir_namespace and
        gir_version CCode attributes, otherwise Vala code compiled against them
        will hit this warning:

        tracker-sparql-1.0.vapi:4.2-4.17: warning: Namespace Sparql does not
        have a GIR namespace and version annotation
                namespace Sparql {

2015-07-04  Marcus Meissner  <meissner suse de>

        configure: Save LDFLAGS
        There's places where CFLAGS is modified/restored while LDFLAGS is left
        untouched, both should be saved/restored at the same time.

2015-07-04  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        libtracker-data: Trigger rebuild of FTS tokens on parser changes
        Whenever there's a change in the implementation of our tokenizers, we'll
        trigger a rebuild of the FTS table. This allows for live updates to our
        tokenizers without the need to redo the database from scratch.

        The FTS rebuild is also triggered on locale changes.

        libtracker-data: Add functions to maintain a "parser sha1" stamp file
        We'll keep a ~/.cache/tracker/parser-sha1.txt file, containing the sha1 of
        the last commit that affected libtracker-common/tracker-parser*, which
        Tracker will compare against its compiled-in one. This will help trigger
        automatic FTS token rebuild on parser changes.

        libtracker-data: Add TrackerDBInterfaceSqlite method to rebuild FTS tokens
        Not a lot going on here, we just punch the hole so it can be used on

        tracker-fts: Add method to rebuild the FTS tokens
        This may be useful on locale changes or tokenizer updates, as our
        FTS table uses external content (the fts_view view we create for that
        purpose), All text content is external to it, so we can safely rebuild
        all tokens from scratch.

        libtracker-common: generate sha1 for the current parser incarnation
        This is created out of the last git commit sha1 from the relevant
        parser files. It may be used in order to rebuild the FTS table tokens
        after we perform changes in the tokenizers themselves.

        docs: Ensure ontology properties can be looked up through devhelp
        The devhelp index generation relies on specific roles set in the
        docbook XML, we were setting none for ontology properties though.

2015-07-04  Philip Withnall  <philip withnall collabora co uk>

        tracker-miner-fs: Fix a completion check when removing the final task
        Depending on how mining goes, this path might be the last one taken
        before the miner is ready to go idle again. However, the check on the
        task pool size is guaranteed to be false because the task which
        item_add_or_update_continue() was called on has not yet been removed
        from the pool — that’s done directly below.

        Fix that by removing the task from the task pool before checking whether
        the pool is empty.

        This fixes stalls in tracker-miner-fs where `tracker-control -S` would
        show the following for ever (when running with
        index-recursive-directories set to a non-empty list):
           1%  File System - Crawl finished for directory 'blah'

        Previously, the only way to fix this was to pause and then resume the

        tracker-thumbnailer: Output debug information about supported MIME types

        build: Add missing files to .gitignore files

2015-07-04  Iain Lane  <iain orangesquash org uk>

        functions-tracker: Fix collate order
        Somewhere between sqlite 3.8.7 and, sqlite seemed to fix
        a bug on ORDER BY SOMESTRINGFUNCTION() clauses, where it would
        invariably apply the BINARY collator, despite tracker specifying
        its own one.

        This is something that 2 libtracker-data tests were indirectly
        testing, where queries are sorted by tracker:coalesce(), these now
        happen to fail because the stored results inadvertently had the wrong

2015-07-03  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        extract-mp3: Stop processing after finding padding
        ID3v2[0-4] Allows the possibility of some padding at the end of an
        ID3 block, defined to be filled with 0x00, just in case later tag
        additions don't cause a full rewrite of the file. This means there's
        nothing for us when we hit this.

        ID3v2.4 also defines the existence of "ID3 footers", those always
        start as "3ID", and should be skipped for our purposes, as those
        are basically a mirror of the ID3 block.

        This most notably avoids a bunch of "Ignoring unknown frame ''"
        spew on -v 3 logs, as padding is fairly common.

        extract-mp3: Account for the tag header size in calculations
        In the parsing of id3v2[0-4] tags, we calculate offsets in base
        of the size we get in the header, which according to id3 specs,
        doesn't include the 10 bytes of the header itself.

        This means there's a disparity of 10 bytes between our 0-based
        offsets, and our 10-based fetched size, we must account for this
        when iterating through frames.

        Also, we were possibly (and mistakenly) iterating till the end
        of the file (comparing against size instead of tsize(+header) in
        the while loops), we only have to parse one id3 block at a time.
        If the former bug could conceivable make us miss the last frame,
        this one would overcompensate for it.

        Less importantly, this fixes the incorrect "position +
        content size > tag size, not processing any more frames" debug
        spew I was seeing on many mp3s with -v 3.

        extract-mp3: Return false if we find no frame headers
        This means we're probably not dealing with an mp3 file, even if
        we thought so. This makes it possible to bail out into more generic
        modules (eg. gstreamer) that might catch what the file is for real.

        tracker-extract: Check the return value from TrackerExtractMetadataFunc
        Extract modules might fail mid-processing, when the TrackerSparqlBuilder
        has been partially written, we should bail out and move on to the next
        extract module, as we can't guarantee its validity.

2015-07-01  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        Merge branch 'decorator-memory-reduction'

        tracker-miner-fs: Delete nie:dataSources on update
        Decorators should be updating again all relevant information, so ensure
        their nie:dataSource is deleted for these to kick in again.

        This used to be unnecessary because updated items just went to the
        internal decorator queue, without further checks. Now that the decorators
        query the database for the next items missing that dataSource, it is
        crucial to do this somewhere.

        tracker-extract: tell what the error really means
        The current one is not really intuitive.

        libtracker-miner: Reduce TrackerDecorator file cache size
        Instead of keeping all items in memory, a small cache is kept of upcoming
        files to be processed, querying the database again for files missing the
        nie:dataSource when the cache has been flushed. When no further items are
        processed, the miner is stopped. Whenever the prioritized rdf:types list
        changes, the cache is dropped, just to query again with the new order kept
        into account.

        This reduces the potential memory usage of tracker-extract, it would
        previously would grow linearly with the number of files left to be
        inspected, which might bring in some memory pressure on certain scenarios.

        On the downside, this obviously makes the decorator a little bit slower,
        due to more queries happening (as opposed to a huge one), and at times the
        decorator is idle waiting to know what else to do.

        tracker-extract: Keep ref on recovery files
        The hashtable expects its own ref here, otherwise we get critical
        warnings after processing that item.

        docs: delete xml folder before regenerating ontology docs
        Otherwise it simply fails if there happens to be stale data

2015-06-30  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        distcheck fix

        update docs .gitignore

        docs: Delete dia diagrams, and pre-generated PNGs
        Those weren't that much clear nor useful, those are deleted in
        a separate commit in case we want to rescue and rework them

        docs: Delete ontology graph tool
        This is now unused, so remove the tool, and the check
        for fdp.

        docs: Rework ontology docs generation entirely
        Ontology docs weren't in a much good shape, besides many ontologies
        being seriously underdocumented (something which should improve
        separately), the generated docs were little more than a data dump,
        and the diagrams shown were broken, confusing, or both. This all
        amounts to quite counter-productive developer docs.

        So the ontology docs have been refurbished, the per-ontology
        descriptions are still useful, but have been stripped of all images,
        and the docs overall are now completely class-centric, per
        rdfs:Resource subclass we now get:

        - Ascii diagram of its local hierarchy, up to all its ancestors and
          down to all its direct children.
        - All properties that affect the specific class. This is notably
          more intuitive now as there's properties defined on one ontology
          that are in the domain of classes in another ontology, something
          which you couldn't get at a glance in the previous docs
        - It clearly states which properties supersede which superproperties,
          which again makes it easier if those apply for the class at hand.

        The result feels quite neater, and will indeed be more resembling
        to other gtk-doc generated API docs.

2015-06-30  Pedro Albuquerque  <palbuquerque73 gmail com>

        Updated Portuguese translation

2015-06-23  Balázs Úr  <urbalazs gmail com>

        Updated Hungarian translation

2015-06-20  Ralph Boehme  <slow samba org>

        configure: fix conditional AM_CONDITIONAL

2015-06-16  Piotr Drąg  <piotrdrag gmail com>

        Updated Polish translation

2015-05-31  Iain Lane  <iain orangesquash org uk>

        libtracker-miner: Set inotify limits for 'GInotifyFileBackend' too
        As of GLib 2.45.1, the inotify monitor backend is called this.

2015-05-31  Philip Withnall  <philip withnall collabora co uk>

        libtracker-common: Don’t fail statvfs() on a missing directory
        If $XDG_CACHE_HOME/tracker doesn’t exist on startup, the statvfs() call
        to determine how much space is left will fail with ENOENT. However, the
        code currently interprets this as being out of space, and will cause the
        rest of Tracker to shut down, even if there is actually plenty of space
        left on the disk.

        Avoid this by traversing up the directory hierarchy until statvfs() does
        not fail with ENOENT.

2015-05-28  Daniel Mustieles  <daniel mustieles gmail com>

        Updated Spanish translation

2015-05-26  Daniel Mustieles  <daniel mustieles gmail com>

        Updated Spanish translation

2015-05-23  Michael Biebl  <biebl debian org>

        Move bash-completion to new location
        Rename the bash completion script after the binary and move it to
        /usr/share/bash-completion/completions. This way the completions can be
        loaded on demand.

2015-05-21  Dušan Kazik  <prescott66 gmail com>

        Updated Slovak translation

2015-05-20  Christian Kirbach  <Christian Kirbach gmail com>

        Updated German translation

2015-05-18  Jordi Mas  <jmas softcatala org>

        Fixes to Catalan translation

2015-05-17  Martin Srebotnjak  <miles filmsi net>

        Updated Slovenian translation

2015-05-09  Alexander Shopov  <ash kambanaria org>

        Added Bulgarian translation

2015-04-26  Cheng-Chia Tseng  <>

        Updated Chinese (Taiwan) translation

2015-04-25  Marek Černocký  <marek manet cz>

        Updated Czech translation

2015-04-24  Philip Withnall  <philip withnall collabora co uk>

        tracker-extract: Only extract media art if artist or title is known
        media_art_process_*() require at least one of the track’s artist and
        title to be specified, and will fail an assertion precondition if both
        are NULL.

        Other tracker-extract-*.c media backends already do this check, but it
        was missing from the GStreamer extractor.

2015-04-09  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        tracker-extract-epub: Ensure we only have one nie:identifier
        This property has maxCardinality=1, we are however possibly adding
        multiple values there, either in both UUID/ISBN forms, or as multiple
        UUIDs in faulty epubs.

        ISBN should probably be its own rdf:Property, in the mean time, stick
        to the first nie:identifier found, and ignore the rest.

2015-04-02  Piotr Drąg  <piotrdrag gmail com>

        Slightly improve new strings


2015-04-01  Kunaal  <kunaalus gmail com>

        tracker-needle: use gsettings
        Added gsettings for tracker-needle.
        Store the last view selected by user in tracker-needle before closing.

2015-04-01  Martyn Russell  <martyn lanedo com>

        tracker: Fixed execution bit of tracker-compat, which is broken by sed

2015-03-28  Antoine Jacoutot  <ajacoutot gnome org>

        openbsd: implement tracker_process_get_uid_for_pid()

2015-03-24  Daniel Mustieles  <daniel mustieles gmail com>

        Updated Spanish translation

2015-03-24  Milo Casagrande  <milo ubuntu com>

        Updated Italian translation

2015-03-24  Marek Černocký  <marek manet cz>

        Updated Czech translation

2015-03-24  Piotr Drąg  <piotrdrag gmail com>

        Updated Polish translation

2015-03-24  Enrico Nicoletto  <liverig gmail com>

        Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

2015-03-23  Kunaal  <kunaalus gmail com>

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