gnome-multi-writer 3.15.2 released!

Version 3.15.2
Released: 2015-01-09

 - Reads and writes are spread over root hubs to increase throughput.
 - If you've got a hub with more than 7 ports and the port numbers
don't match the decals on the device please contact me for more
 - Code and project will be moving to for the next release

New Features:
 - Completely wipe devices by default (Richard Hughes)
 - Make the verification and wipe optional (Richard Hughes)
 - Show a warning dialog before copying for the first time (Richard Hughes)
 - Show some global read/write stats in the title bar (Richard Hughes)
 - Use GUsb to renumber composite hubs (Richard Hughes)

 - Do not attempt to unmount filesystems that are not mounted (Richard Hughes)
 - Queue the device writes according to the connected root hub (Richard Hughes)
 - Show ten devices per column to better use the space (Richard Hughes)
 - Unmount filesystems before starting to copy (Richard Hughes)

Tarballs available here:


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