GIMPNet / enhancements for the end users and migration to a new ircd, call for public testing

GNOME Community,

the GIMPNet Operators Team and the GNOME Sysadmin Team have been
working together recently to finally migrate the IRC network they 
manage to a newer ircd with enhanced features (such as SSL) and proper 
IRC services (Nickserv, Chanserv).

We are proud to announce the network is finally ready for public 
testing. Please read on if you are interested in participating on its 

The new network is currently composed by 6 servers and another one 
( will join its ranks soon:

Connecting to any of these servers can be done on the following ports:

    6668 (non-ssl port)
    6697 (SSL port)

An and DNS entries have also been 
added to the and DNS zone files. You can safely 
connect to one of them and your client will do the rest. Servers
are using a certificate having one DN (currently being the FQDN of the 
host) so connecting to one of the two DNS entries above with SSL 
verification turned on will result in an error as the DN won't match. 
That is expected, in case you are willing to verify the SSL 
certificate (on XChat make sure the 'Accept invalid certificate'
flag is not set, on irssi make sure '-ssl -ssl_verify' is appended to 
your connect command) make sure to connect to a single server on the 
list above with the proper flags set. The Operators Team is currently
evaluating whether the network can be moved under one main wildcard 
certificate (in the form of irc[0-9]

Once connected, make sure to register your nickname by querying 
NickServ. A 'help' command can be issued to NickServ when a query 
window has been created. The 'help' will provide you the needed
information for succesfully registering your nickname. If you are a 
GNOME module maintainer or you lead a certain team or group and are 
interested in registering a channel through ChanServ please do so.
The same 'help' command output provided by ChanServ will provide you 
the appropriate syntax for registering your channel. Please DO NOT 
abuse the registration of new channels and please get in touch with the 
Operators Team for requesting the cancellation of a registered
channel / nickname in case an abuse has happened.

Your points of contact for reporting issues or other related queries 

    #opers, for a direct chat with the Operators Team, 
    for reporting a bug at GNOME's Bugzilla

A few more details about the new network we are introducing:

    1. It might definitely happen for your client to connect to the 
       network through the SSL port and ending up on an empty channel. 
       Don't be scared as that's expected as in most cases the ircd runs
       on the same server as the current production network. Note the 
       current production network is not SSL-capable.
    2. Most of the servers (while just was in the past) 
       are now IPv6-capable. 
    3. All nicks and channels registered during the public testing 
       will be kept. 
    4. Another announcement will follow when we will be close to 
       switch over to the new network. The announcement will have
       all the references and details for you to properly migrate
       your client to the new network.
    5. The public testing duration is expected to be 2 weeks and 
       unless any critical issue arises we will move forward and 
       perform the switch over to the new network. See point 4. on
       this regard.

IRC plays an important role on the communications of the GNOME Project 
and allows every single GNOME contributor, developer or user to get in 
touch with the GNOME community as a whole and we totally believe the 
new network we've been building will improve the way you were used to
manage your nickname, your channels and your privacy thanks to the 
newly introduced SSL capability.




Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin Team Coordinator,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman


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