tracker 1.2.0

About Tracker

Tracker is a semantic data storage for desktop and mobile devices.
Tracker uses W3C standards for RDF ontologies using Nepomuk with
SPARQL to query and update the data.

Tracker is a central repository of user information, that provides two
big benefits for the user; shared data between applications and
information which is relational to other information (for example:
mixing contacts with files, locations, activities and etc.).

The change in cardinality to nfo:hasMediaStream from 1 to many may force a reindex for any existing Tracker installation. This change in ontology is _NOT_ supported automatically.

It is recommended to use:

  tracker-control --backup /path/to/backup.db

In case you later need to:

 tracker-control --restore /path/to/backup.db

Forgive any disruption this may cause!


The main changes since 1.0.x are:

  * New Feature: Extractor now supports eBook and Comic book formats
  * New Feature: Extractor now supports BMP files
* New Feature: Data Provider: Now there are TrackerDataProvider and TrackerEnumerator interfaces to allow 3rd parties to supply their own data to Tracker to be indexed, for example for an online or proprietary service * New Feature: Extractor is now 'crash-aware' that being, we have a separate data source for content that can't be extracted to avoid repeated failures from tracker-extract. This also survives through crashes that may occur due to attempted extractions * build: Updated doap file (added programming language and category is now "core") * build: Improve firefox and thunderbird detection to avoid warnings in console * build: Removed all GNU_SOURCE additions in sources, use AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS instead
  * build: Fixed many unit tests that were not properly isolated
* build: configure now has an --enable-minimal option to ONLY build tracker-store
  * build: Reduce vala generated source warnings from GCC
* build: Use major version only PkgConfig files. Previously, we had $library-$major-$minor (e.g. tracker-sparql-1.2, when it should be tracker-sparql-1.0) to avoid creating unnecessary work for developers using Tracker. This release corrects this and it was planned originally.
  * build: Include COPYING*GPL files in tarball
* build: Generate Vala bindings from GIR for libtracker-miner, libtracker-control * build: Improved many GIR annotations for nullable cases in libtracker-miner, libtracker-control
  * build: Avoid using rpath where possible
  * build: Make check fails to generate test reports
* build: Remove --enable-guarantee metadata, always guarantee nie:title and nie:contentCreated * build: Added CC_CHECK_FLAGS_APPEND m4 macros from xinelib/systemd projects to check GCC compiler flags we can use * ontology: nfo:hasMediaStream no longer has a max cardinality of 1, this may mean a reindex is needed * libtracker-bus: Fixed a crash in query_async() where splice async operation is cancelled * libtracker-bus: Fixed a bug where tracker-stats showed no information with Vala 0.24+ * libtracker-sparql: All TrackerSparqlConnection APIs throw GLib.Error due to GUnixFDList _append() API * libtracker-sparql: Move TRACKER_ const definitions to Tracker namespace, i.e. Tracker.DBUS_* * libtracker-miner: Fixed reference leak with TrackerTaskPool when using external data miners * libtracker-miner: Add new API tracker_decorator_fs_prepend_file() as part of 'crash-aware' feature. * libtracker-miner: PkgConfig file now requires libmediaart (when dependent) privately
  * libtracker-extract: Fixed broken EXIF GPS coordinate extraction
* libtracker-extract: There is no longer an example in the examples/ directory as this library is now private * tracker-extract: Fixed missing TRACKER_EXTRACTORS_DIR env var that was removed at some stage * tracker-extract: Cleaned up signal handling, SIGALRM and SIGABRT no longer used
  * tracker-extract: [DOC] Catch more MS Office MIME types supported
  * tracker-extract: [MP3] Fixed mp3 parsing for ID3v24 or ID3v23 tags
* tracker-extract: [ISO] Extract language, copyright and author information about ISO images using new ontology * tracker-extract: [ODT] Improved extraction of content so we don't stop on embedded tabs and line breaks
  * tracker-extract: [GIF] Support giflib 5.1.0 as well as earlier versions
  * tracker-stats: Now EXPRESSIONS can be used to filter stats shown
* tracker-stats: Now only common and fallback RDF types are shown by default, --all can be used to old behaviour * tracker-info: Add --resource-is-iri or -i to avoid filename to URN lookups * tracker-info: Don't show "(null)" for nie:InformationElements with no nie:url
  * tracker-control: Added a lot of strings previsouly untranslated
* tracker-control: Removed shorthand command line switches for less common arguments (--list-*, --pause-details) * tracker-control: Added --watch command line option to watch changes to the database. * tracker-miner-fs: By default, ignore directories with '.trackerignore' file inside * tracker-miner-apps: New process to mine data about applications, previously part of tracker-miner-fs. Can be disabled with --disable-miner-apps * tracker-miner-user-guides: New process to mine data about user guides and help content, previously part of tracker-miner-fs. Can be disabled with --disable-user-guides
  * tracker-writeback: Support GIFs
* tracker-preferences: Removed fixed column for indexed locations, column header text was cut off
  * tracker-preferences: Don't use Stock.* deprecated since Gtk+ 3.10
* tracker-preferences: Added suggestion to reindex OR restart depending on configuration changes applied * tracker-preferences: General UI clean up and modernization fixing many deprecations where old GTK+ widgets were used * tracker-preferences: Added 'control' tab to allow users to enable finer control of what's indexed (e.g. numbers - which are normally disabled)
  * tracker-preferences: Add AppData with screenshots for app stores
  * tracker-needle: Add AppData with screenshots for app stores
  * tracker-sandbox: Setup xdg-user-dirs too

Bugs Fixed (31):,736328,735180,735645,735636,735460,735610,735567,735317,735339,733573,733317,734464,733857,734089,734144,733316,733948,733863,733536,733439,732839,730627,728370,730111,729253,729968,729708,728252,728546,725717


  Many, thank you to everyone involved.

========= (2.66K)

======== (5.83M)
sha256sum: 6d5c5ecb1d5bc2b49cd7874ad338ea6ffa05f990582360d05cc64adb8bfa6f06

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