GNOME Keysign 0.1 released

GNOME Keysign  is a tool to make signing OpenPGP keys as easy as possible.
This is the initial release.


 * Securely exchange an OpenPGP key without needing to contact a keyserver
 * Sign each UID separately
 * Send encrypted signature to each UID via user's preferred MUA


GNOME Keysign attempts to enable many more people to strengthen the Web of Trust.
It consists of two parts: A server side and a client side.
The server side advertises your key on the local network.
The client side downloads the key from the local network and checks the integrity of the download.
The integrety is checked with data exchanged securely between the server and the client via the visual 
That visual channel is implemented as a QR-Code and a barcode scanner.


sha256sum: 2ba547551bb8495a53105e9299ccbd9600de54e2391729f86379f2e3a3bd98e6
Web site:

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