gThumb 3.3.2 released

gThumb 3.3.2 is now available for download at:

b2216dbd55c2c9baba5713518b6befc76b21feef7fdbc3103e2a2f88670443bf a6c4036add778a94a0d0cec262323e09e41bb3435cd16a83a16e662c9f70ae29 gthumb-3.3.2.changes 66f6c6824fb209f7f2ae43a6923f3c796c1e06f451a1ab7d0d2988fe727e7a80 gthumb-3.3.2.tar.xz

This is the second release of the 3.3 development series that will lead to the next major version 3.4.

What is gThumb

gThumb is an image viewer and browser utility for the GNOME environment.
The README file distributed with the tar archive contains a complete list of features and the instructions to compile the source. The complete description, screenshots and other info are available at

Overview of changes from gThumb 3.3.1 to 3.3.2

 New features and user visible changes:

  * Image viewer buttons: added fit to width
  * Added navigation buttons to show the next and the previous file
  * Make copy and paste in same folder equivalent to duplicating
  * Special directories: added DOWNLOAD, removed DESKTOP
  * Add to catalog: allow to keep the dialog open after adding files
  * Selections: added 'Remove from Selection' to the context menu
  * Selections: show the emblems in the window title when in viewer mode
  * Catalogs: show the keyboard shortcut for RemoveFromCatalog
  * Volume button: use symbolic icons
  * Image viewer: fixed image overview not working for animations
  * Added 'add to catalog' to the viewer context menu
  * Tree view: allow to rename searches from the context menu
  * Use a dialog to rename folders and catalogs
  * Allow to find duplicates in catalogs
  * Allow the user to edit tags using the contextual menu also (#728467)
  * Desktop background: use the stretched option in some cases (#726708)
  * Image viewer: use a smaller frame border (#726091)
  * Added AppData file for GNOME Software Center (#722770)

 Bugs fixed:

  * Web album: fixed thumbnail size (#727775)
  * Can view tiff files, but can not print. (#726260)
  * Extra image appears in image viewer (#722631)
  * Ctrl+P doesn't work (#722707)
  * Script editor: help buttons don't work (#722925)
  * Toolbox: Fix the undo and the redo symbols in RTL (Yosef Or Boczko)
  * Sharpen: Fix the undo symbols in RTL (Yosef Or Boczko) (#723542)
  * Rotate image: Fix the undo symbols in RTL (Yosef Or Boczko)
  * Adjust colors: Fix the undo symbols in RTL (Yosef Or Boczko)
  * Updated obsolete info in license text. updated using a script
    written by Andika Triwidadan (#721455)
  * gThumb doesn't honour privacy settings (#722349)
  * Remove unnecessary gdkx.h include from gth-screensaver. (Robert
    Roth) (#597594)
  * Use unity-control-center if in Unity (Rober Ancell) (#722233)
  * Fix build failing without libtiff installed. (Robert Roth) (#722183)
  * Cannot Save As with uppercase .JPG (#721281)
  * Fixed rename from file context menu not working

 New or updated application translations:

  * Brazilian Portuguese (Rafael Ferreira)
  * Czech (Marek Černocký)
  * Deutsch (Christian Kirbach)
  * Español (Daniel Mustieles)
  * Hungarian (Balázs Úr)
  * Indonesian (Andika Triwidada)
  * Italiano (Gianvito Cavasoli)
  * Lietuvių (Aurimas Černius)
  * Polish (Piotr Drąg)
  * Serbian (Miroslav Nikolić)
  * Serbian (Мирослав Николић)
  * Greek (Dimitris Spingos (Δημήτρης Σπίγγος))
  * עברית (Yosef Or Boczko)

 New or updated manual translations:

  * Greek (Dimitris Spingos (Δημήτρης Σπίγγος))
  * Español (Daniel Mustieles)
  * čeština (Marek Černocký)


This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public
License (GNU GPL) version 2 or greater. You can find a copy of the license in the file COPYING.

May 18th, 2014

Paolo Bacchilega

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