Anjuta 3.11.92 released

About Anjuta IDE

Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile software development studio featuring
a number of advanced programming facilities including project
management, application wizard, interactive debugger, source editor,
version control, GUI designer, profiler and many more tools. It
focuses on providing simple and usable user interface, yet powerful
for efficient development.


Ask H. Larsen (1):
  Updated Danish translation

Claude Paroz (1):
  Updated French translation

Мирослав Николић (1):
  Updated Serbian translation

Seong-ho Cho (1):
  Updated Korean translatio

Paweł Żołnowski (1):
  Updated Polish translation

Fran Dieguez (2):
  Updated Galician translation

Yuri Myasoedov (1):
  Updated Russian translation

Rafael Ferreira (2):
  Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

Daniel Mustieles (3):
  Updated Spanish translation

Chao-Hsiung Liao (2):
  Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Attila Hammer (2):
Balázs Úr (1):
  Updated Hungarian translation

Marek Černocký (2):
  Updated Czech translation

Aurimas Černius (2):
  Updated Lithuanian translation

Rūdolfs Mazurs (2):
  Updated Latvian translation

Wylmer Wang (2):
  Updated Chinese (China) translation

Tristian Celestin (9):
  bgo #688020 - stop using gnome-terminal's gconf profiles

Kjartan Maraas (1):
  Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

Akom Chotiphantawanon (1):
  Updated Thai translation

Sébastien Granjoux (17):
  Fix build
  bgo #725373 - make is used in libanjuta/interfaces/
  bgo #723451 - Choose project backend window is too small
bgo #722989 - Project target name concatenated with variable wasn't processed bgo#723452 - Critical warnings when closing Anjuta window if multiple windows are open
  Remove unused code
  Remove a critical warnings
  bgo #723449 - Should set a reasonable default window size
  bgo #723510 - Warning after closing a program started by Run -> Execute
  bgo #723458 - Missing image icon next to recent projects
  bgo #723443 - New Window action is always disableda
bgo #711353 - Project Wizard - Set default setting for author, email, version, and project directory

Johannes Schmid (3):
  gdb: Disable password-prompt for gdb communication
  anjuta: Don't set a minimum window size - just use the default
libanjuta: Set reasonable default size for preferences window (bgo#723444)

Michael Catanzaro (2):
  Fix crash when launching nonexistant program
  User help: fix a typo

Piotr Drąg (1):

Dominique Leuenberger (1):
  Support Vala 0.24

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