ANNOUNCE: Clutter 1.18.0 (stable)

Good news, everyone!

A new Clutter release is now available at:

SHA256 Checksum:


Additionally, a git clone of the source tree:
  git clone git://

will include a signed 1.18.0 tag which points to a commit named:

which can be verified with:
  git verify-tag 1.18.0

and can be checked out with a command such as:
  git checkout -b build 1.18.0

Clutter is a library for creating compelling, dynamic and portable graphical
user interfaces. Clutter is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser
General Public License, version 2.1 or (at your option) later.

Clutter depends on:
  GLib ≥ 2.37.3
  JSON-GLib ≥ 0.12.0
  Cogl ≥ 1.17.3
  Cairo ≥ 1.12.0
  Pango ≥ 1.30
  Atk ≥ 2.5.3

Clutter also has platform-specific dependencies; for more information, see
the README file included in the release.


Release Notes:
  - This version is API and ABI compatible with the current stable
    release of Clutter.
  - Installing the contents of this release will overwrite the files
    from the installation of the current release of Clutter.
  - Bugs should be reported on the Clutter Bugzilla product, at:

  • List of changes since Clutter 1.16:

    - See the previous announcements:

    - Improvements in the GestureAction class
    We now allow external subclasses and 3rd party code to override the trigger
    edge and threshold; this allows improved composition of gestures on the same
    actor, as well as out-of-tree GestureAction implementations.

    - Improvements in the evdev input backend and EGL windowing backend
    New API has been added for writing Wayland compositors.

    - Automatic window scaling on high DPI density displays
    If your session detects your hi-dpi display, Clutter will
automatically scale
    the windowing system resources to improve the visual result.

    - Improved RTL language support in ClutterText
    The Text actor detects the direction of its contents and draws the text
    and cursor at the proper position.

  • List of changes since Clutter 1.17.6

    - Update build environment for Visual Studio

    - Improve the API for implementing Wayland compositors
    Allow integrating with logind and KMS; provide clipped redraws on both
    Wayland clients, and direct KMS.

    - Port the documentation to MarkDown

    - Use symbol annotations to ensure the public ABI

    - Translations updates
    Korean, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Chinese, Portuguese,
    Latvian, Russian, French.

  • List of bugs fixed since Clutter 1.17.6

    #725716 - Fix build of clutter-test-utils.c on Windows
    #725873 - Fix the Win32 backend for newer Visual Studio Versions
    #725722 - Grid layout actor width/height swapped
    #726199 - evdev changes needed for logind integration work
    #726341 - eglnative: Add clutter-stage-window implementation
    #726315 - clutter-stage-wayland: Enable clipped redraws
    #726313 - stage-cogl: Fix feature check in clutter_stage_cogl_redraw
    #726198 - egl: Add a way to set the KMS FD
    #708781 - wayland: Keep track of button modifier state
    #711857 - Avoid needless event copies when queueing from a backend
              to a stage

Many thanks to:

  Jasper St. Pierre, Chun-wei Fan, Adel Gadllah, Bastian Winkler, Changwoo Ryu,
  Chao-Hsiung Liao, Duarte Loreto, Jonas Ådahl, Rui Matos, Rūdolfs Mazurs,
  Wylmer Wang, Yuri Myasoedov, teuf.

Have fun with Clutter!


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