Geoclue 2.1.9


Here is the another release of the re-write of geoclue. Changes since 2.1.8:

- Move from NetworkManager to direct use of wpa_supplicant to retreive WiFI
  data, for greater portability.
- Port from to Mozilla Location Service for 3G-geolocation.
- Network data submission
  - Explicit option in config to enable submission.
  - Commandline options to enable network data submission and set nickname.
  - Submit 3G data.
  - Submit under 'geoclue' nick by default.
- Fix a few crashes.
- Drop now redundant workaround for pure geoip queries.
- Ability to mark an app as system component in the config so that
  - Agent can't decide its accuracy level nor agent is asked to authorize it.
    This mean automatic timezone in GNOME will continue working even if you
    disable geolocation.
  - app is not taken into account for 'InUse' property. That means you will no
    longer have to see location crosshair in gnome-shell's topbar forever just
    because you have automatic timezone enabled.
- Exit demo app if geoclue deactivates it.
- Improved debug log.
- Many other internal changes and minor improvements.

Dependency-related changes:

- Drop libnm-glib dependency
- Drop libxml2 dependency


Geoclue is a D-Bus service that provides location information. The primary
goal of the Geoclue project is to make creating location-aware applications as
simple as possible, while the secondary goal is to ensure that no application
can access location information without explicit permission from user.

Geoclue is Free Software, licensed under GNU GPLv2+. It is developed for Linux.

The aim of project is to utilize all possible sources of geolocation to best
find user's location:

* WiFi-based geolocation (accuracy: in meters)
* GPS(A) receivers (accuracy: in centimeters)
* 3G modems (accuracy: in kilometers, unless modem has GPS)
* GeoIP (accuracy: city-level)

Geoclue used to also do (reverse-)geocoding but that functionality has been
dropped in favor of geocode-glib library.

Release tarball:
sha256sum: b416eea6042d774359f7a141e4e57704c3220363ab8e0bf5c212b1bd2976092b

D-Bus API documentation:


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
Befriend GNOME:

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