libmediaart 0.5.0

About libmediaart

Library tasked with managing, extracting and handling media art caches

NEW in 0.5 - 2014-07-28

  * Fixes: GB#731678, Heuristics does not handle uppercase properly
  * build: Require glib 2.38 for g_assert_true() in unit tests
  * build: Updated from autoscan suggestions
* build: Improve warnings used when compiling and test compiler warnings we can use * extract: Switch to initable MediaArtProcess object from _init/_shutdown() * extract: Split _process() API into _process_buffer() and _process_file()
  * extract: Make GFile first parameter for _process_file()
* extract: Add _SYMLINK_FAILED error and report symlink() failure in get_heuristic()
  * extract: Add GError for _NO_TITLE, which is required in some cases
  * extract: Add GError * reporting right down to the plugins (pixbuf/qt)
  * extract: Use a more logical ordered heuristic for caching strings
  * extract: Refactor media_art_process_file() to simplify the function
  * storage: Make g_message() calls g_debug() calls, output is unnecessary
* docs: Fixed Makefile so we don't fail on distcheck with --enable-gtk-doc * tests: Don't expect media art extraction for NULL data buffer for !images * tests: Test for no error with media_art_process_file() with real use case


  This RELEASE BREAKS API/ABI from 0.4.0.

======== (5.53M) sha256sum: 45392cc991a80dd909909e4a2ca7aebc236eec431a67132f7e1759a17bd5f31b

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