Mutter-wayland 3.11.4

About mutter

Mutter is a window and compositing manager that displays and manages
your desktop via OpenGL. Mutter combines a sophisticated display
engine using the Clutter toolkit with solid window-management logic
inherited from the Metacity window manager.

While Mutter can be used stand-alone, it is primarily intended to be
used as the display core of a larger system such as GNOME Shell. For
this reason, Mutter is very extensible via plugins, which are used
both to add fancy visual effects and to rework the window management
behaviors to meet the needs of the environment.


* Don't leave focus on windows that are being unmanaged [Owen; #711618]
* Reduce server grabs [Daniel Drake; #721345, #721709]
* Improve heuristic to determine display output name [Cosimo Cecchi; #721674]
* Atomically unmaximize both directions [Jasper; #722108]
* Misc bug fixes [Debarshi, Andika, Florian; #721517, #721674, #722347]

  Cosimo Cecchi, Daniel Drake, Florian Müllner, Debarshi Ray, Jasper St. Pierre,
  Andika Triwidada, Owen W. Taylor

  sha256sum: 10ec6d33a5f89d01733ec2e6d1cf19b625e2c0c37285ced9bbc4e082df1bb0b4

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