gitg 0.3.1

About gitg

gitg is a GitX clone for GNOME/gtk+. It aims at being a small, fast
and convenient tool to visualize git history and actions that benefit
from a graphical presentation.


Version 0.3.1 was released on 2013-02-01

This is the first release of a major rewrite of gitg. We have since moved from
C to Vala to implement gitg, easing development. More importantly, gitg is now
using libgit2 (instead of calling out to git) which vastly improves gitg's
quality. The interface has also had a significant overhaul, conforming to the
latest GNOME 3 apps interface development guidelines.

Although the most prominent features of gitg are present in this release, there
are still some notable regressions which will be implemented in subsequent
releases and this release should therefore be considered unstable.

== Known regressions ==
  * Push, pull branch
  * Create/rename/delete branch
  * Create/rename/delete tag
  * Basic remote branch management

=========  (28.3K)

======== (1.03M)
  sha256sum: 4d46dc39a430e3056f085803b59f3e60e4f2d47ac641bcc4bbeffa75c4e5ee30

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