Iagno 3.8.3

Iagno 3.8.3 fixes several bugs, including a serious hang. Distributions
supporting Iagno 3.4 or Iagno 3.6, from the legacy gnome-games package,
are urged to backport at least the first fix to ensure the game is

* Fix inevitable hangs (caused by slow play) when the board is about 3/4
* Fix hang when neither side can move (now properly game over)
* Fix New Game after computer vs. computer game causing the computers to
go nuts
* Fix Undo after the human was forced to pass
* Fix hidden infobar if it's visible when a new message is displayed
* Don't improperly play piece flip sound at the beginning of each game
* Fix piece flip sound sometimes playing many times in a row (like one
too-long sound)

Contributors: Michael Catanzaro, John Cheetham, Dave Paul

https://download.gnome.org/sources/iagno/3.8/iagno-3.8.3.tar.xz (2.81M)

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