ANNOUNCE: Clutter 1.16.0 (stable)

Good news, everyone!

A new Clutter release is now available at:

SHA256 Checksum:


Additionally, a git clone of the source tree:
  git clone git://

will include a signed 1.16.0 tag which points to a commit named:

which can be verified with:
  git verify-tag 1.16.0

and can be checked out with a command such as:
  git checkout -b build 1.16.0

Clutter is a library for creating compelling, dynamic and portable graphical
user interfaces. Clutter is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser
General Public License, version 2.1 or (at your option) later.

Clutter depends on:
  GLib ≥ 2.37.3
  JSON-GLib ≥ 0.12.0
  Cogl ≥ 1.15.9
  Cairo ≥ 1.10
  Pango ≥ 1.30
  Atk ≥ 2.5.3

Clutter also has platform-specific dependencies; for more information, see
the README file included in the release.


Release Notes:
  - This version is API and ABI compatible with the current stable
    release of Clutter.
  - Installing the contents of this release will overwrite the files
    from the installation of the current release of Clutter.
  - Bugs should be reported on the Clutter Bugzilla product, at:

  • List of changes since Clutter 1.14

    - Wayland backend updates
    Clutter now supports Wayland 1.2; the Wayland backend also has been
    vastly improved, alongside the evdev backend for input, which allows the
    creation of Wayland compositors on top of Clutter.

    - Performance improvements
    Clutter now keeps better track of clones and actor state, and will avoid
    state changes as well as animations on actors that won't be visible or
    be painted.

    - Dropped support for XInput 1.x
    The XInput 1.x extension is largely unsupported by X11; any further
    improvements will go in the XInput 2.x extension support.

    - Initial work to support high DPI density displays
    Improvements for transparently scaling window surfaces on high DPI
    displays will also follow in the near future.

  • List of changes since Clutter 1.15.96

    - Fix a division by zero in the X11 backend

    - Translation updates
    Portuguese, Danish

  • List of bugs fixed since Clutter 1.15.96

    #707033 - Hidden division by zero in examples/basic-actor.c

Many thanks to:

  Duarte Loreto, Kenneth Nielsen.

Have fun with Clutter!


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