Music 3.9.91


On behalf of the GNOME Music team, we are pleased to announce the second
alpha (preview) release of Music, a music playing application for GNOME.

Note that Music is still in Alpha. Search and Playlists are still in
development, and thus excluded from this preview release.

Overview of changes in 3.9.91:

* All songs will now be loaded in Songs view after switching to it
for the first time

* First song in Songs view will play if Play is executed in MPRIS and
there is no current playlist

* The URIs are now discovered asynchronously, to make loading songs

* An error icon will now show up when the file is deleted

* The message when no music files are found is now more verbose

* Bugs fixed:
700776 Licensing problems
705855 Crash when attempting to get properties over DBus
706019 Don't use the discoverer if we don't care of the results
706294 Duration in Albums view increases every time an album is se...
706353 About box changes size when license button is toggled on, l...
706457 Invalid copyright headers
706533 More explanation when Music says "No Music Found"
706800 Cancel button in toolbar shouldn't be emphasized
706947 Can't shuffle my entire library without clicking "load more...

* Added translations:

* Updated translations:
Norwegian bokmål
Portuguese (Brazilian)

All contributors for this release:

Antonio Fernandes C. Neto <fernandesn gnome org>
Arnel A. Borja <kyoushuu yahoo com>
Aurimas Černius <aurisc4 gmail com>
Daniel Mustieles <daniel mustieles gmail com>
Dušan Kazik <prescott66 gmail com>
Enrico Nicoletto <liverig gmail com>
Fran Diéguez <fran dieguez mabishu com>
Giovanni Campagna <gcampagna src gnome org>
Jackson Isaac <jacksonisaac2008 gmail com>
Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas gnome org>
Marek Černocký <marek manet cz>
Matej Urbančič <mateju svn gnome org>
Mathieu Bridon <bochecha fedoraproject org>
Milo Casagrande <milo ubuntu com>
Paul Martin <codemobius gmail com>
Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag gmail com>
Sai Suman Prayaga <suman sai14 gmail com>
Seán de Búrca <leftmostcat gmail com>
Shivani Poddar <shivani poddar92 gmail com>
Vadim Rutkovsky <vrutkovs redhat com>
Victor Ibragimov <victor ibragimov gmail com>


Music is written in Python 3 and licensed under GNU GPLv2+.

Dependencies (runtime):

* pygobject
* grilo
* grilo-plugins
* tracker
* dbus-python

Home page:

Release tarball:
sha256sum: 6304e19c96d56552738b36c8062cbf987c8ab54f07ef1c7ee777b1d739c45705


Arnel A. Borja

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