gnome-directory-thumbnailer 0.1.0 released

gnome-directory-thumbnailer 0.1.0 is now available from:

ca22c7a54b7907cd0e8ec7eb2d7b1bf13b5738ca8f5c95beec25d1a5670f6d66  gnome-directory-thumbnailer-0.1.0.changes
3e1308d953e5129e419c63f3ae06569d022a466f984066e28718bff359381824  gnome-directory-thumbnailer-0.1.0.tar.xz

This is the first release of gnome-directory-thumbnailer, a
Nautilus-compatible thumbnailer utility which generates thumbnails for
directories. The thumbnails are generated by finding an ‘interesting’
file inside the directory and using its thumbnail.

The basic functionality is complete, but tweaks and improvements to the
heuristics for determining which files are ‘interesting’ are always
welcome. Logic to detect common directory layouts (e.g. source
directories or DVD directories) is one area which could definitely be

gnome-directory-thumbnailer is licenced under LGPLv2.1+.

About gnome-directory-thumbnailer

gnome-directory-thumbnailer is a GNOME thumbnailer utility which will generate
a thumbnail for a directory. It is intended to be called by gnome-desktop’s
thumbnailer code, but can be called manually as well.

Initial release of gnome-directory-thumbnailer 0.1.0

Major changes:
 • Initial release with basic heuristics for thumbnailing directories

Philip Withnall
October 16, 2013

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