Rhythmbox 3.0.1 released

75072b093284e9f5696fbb590d719a9e16340a5a91d73e3ccd876ce21329bdcf  rhythmbox-3.0.1.tar.xz

Overview of changes in Rhythmbox 3.0.1  "I Am Nice To Tapes"

* Assorted bug fixes

Bugs fixed:

706470 - metadata reader dbus connection doesn't work
708476 - daap source using wrong GSettings schema
709143 - static playlists sorted by artist name
708341 - task list doesn't update correctly sometimes

Translation updates:

- cs, courtesy of Marek Černocký
- de, courtesy of Benjamin Steinwender
- fi, courtesy of Jiri Grönroos
- sk, courtesy of Pavol Klačanský
- sr, courtesy of Мирослав Николић
- sr latin, courtesy of Miroslav Nikolić
- zh_HK, courtesy of Cheng-Chia Tseng
- zh_TW, courtesy of Cheng-Chia Tseng

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