System Monitor 3.11.2 released!

gnome-system-monitor 3.11.2 is available for download from:


Gnome System Monitor is a GNOME process viewer and system monitor with a
nice easy-to-use interface, It has some nice features, such as a tree
view for process dependencies, icons for processes, the ability to hide
processes that you don't want to see, graphical time histories of
CPU/memory/swap usage, the ability to kill/renice processes needing root
access, as well as the standard features that you might expect from a
process viewer.

Changes this release

* Translation updates
* Minor bugfixes


libwnck 2.91.0
libgtop 2.28.2
gtk+ 3.9.5
gnome-icon-theme 2.31
gtkmm 3.3.18
giomm 2.27
glibmm 2.27
libxml 2.0
rsvg 2.35
systemd 38

Bugs squashed

  712518 update intervals aren't loaded into prefs dialog
  712360 procman_pkexec free result of g_strdup_printf
  708657 Add desktop-file-validate to distcheck
  711366 Keyboard focus is impractical during Process searching



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