ANNOUNCE: osm-gps-map 1.0.0

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce version 1.0.0 of osm-gps-map, a library
for displaying raster map data from a variety of different sources.

This release adds Gtk+-3.0 support and is the first release in over
a year.

It can be parallel installed with the old 0.7.3 (Gtk+-2 based) release. 

Note: The pkg-config, library name, and include path have all been
bumped to -1.0. Projects depending on osm-gps-map should update

Where to Get It

What is New
  * Port to Gtk+-3.0 and update GObject Introspection support
    (thanks to Serge Noiraud)

What Is It
osm-gps-map is a Gtk+ widget (and GObject introspection
bindings) for displaying information on a map. It features a simple
API for displaying tracks and points from GPS co-ordinates.

It Currently supports a number of different mapping sources;

 * openstreetmap (default)
 * maps-for-free
 * satellite maps from a number of proprietary providers

It also has the following features;

 * Excellent performance
 * Intelligent caching of maps, including the ability to request a
  specific area of the map to be cached ahead of time
 * Recording of points of interest on the map (and the ability to
  add arbitary pixmaps at those points
 * Drawing and management of multiple GPS track (a line
  showing the history past added points)
 * Automatic centering on new GPS points
 * Adjustable Zoom
 * Includes comprehensive examples (C, Python, _javascript_)
 * Simple, flat API
 * Support for showing additional display layers rendered
  on top of the map
 * Optional on screen display (OSD)

John Stowers

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