libgdata 0.15.0 released

libgdata 0.15.0 is now available from:

27a2f598c2fc4c1028715ed1615395b45905efbac8cd7a1663bd4b5a1c99a4e5  libgdata-0.15.0.changes
4845359248d8623d51e766fdc3eceaffaafa7a8a1fe8bec426b7604b711ae198  libgdata-0.15.0.tar.xz

libgdata has switched to a traditional even–odd/stable–unstable
versioning scheme, making this the first in the unstable 0.15.x series.

This is a feature release in the unstable 0.15.x series, which will
eventually lead to a stable 0.16.0 release. There may be API breaks for
new APIs between 0.15.x releases, but they will stabilise for 0.16.0.

This release includes a new Google Tasks service, written by Pēteris
Krišjānis for Google Summer of Code 2013. It is built on JSON support
he wrote as well. The release also includes several build fixes,
notably for C++ and -fstrict-aliasing. It also eliminates use of some
GTK+ and GLib deprecated symbols.

This is the “Unfit for Human Consumption” release.

About libgdata

libgdata is a GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using
the GData protocol — most notably, Google's services. It provides APIs
to access the common Google services, and has full asynchronous support.

Overview of changes from libgdata 0.14.0 to libgdata 0.15.0

Major changes:
 • Add JSON support and a Google Tasks service (thanks to Pēteris Krišjānis)
  - This adds a dependency on json-glib ≥ 0.15 and breaks ABI (but not API)
 • Add support for GProxyResolver proxies (thanks to Matthew Barnes)
 • Fix build with recent gnome-common versions
 • Fix build and installed header files for C++
 • Remove deprecated function calls
 • Fix compilation with -fstrict-aliasing
 • Port local tests to use libuhttpmock (which is a new dependency)

API changes:
 • Add gdata_parsable_new_from_json()
 • Add gdata_parsable_get_json()
 • Add GDataParsable->get_content_type
 • Add GDataService:proxy-resolver, gdata_service_get_proxy_resolver(),
 • Add GDataClientLoginAuthorizer:proxy-resolver,
 • Add GDataOAuth1Authorizer:proxy-resolver,
 • Add Google Tasks service: GDataTasksService, GDataTasksQuery,
   GDataTasksTasklist, GDataTasksTask

Bugs fixed:
 • Bug 712565 — Fix compilation's warnings
 • Bug 719647 — gdata-goa-authorizer.h broken for C++

Updated translations:
 • as (Nilamdyuti Goswami)
 • be (Ihar Hrachyshka)
 • ca (Gil Forcada)
 • cs (Marek Černocký)
 • da (Aputsiaq Niels Janussen)
 • de (Christian Kirbach)
 • el (Dimitris Spingos, Efstathios Iosifidis)
 • es (Daniel Mustieles)
 • et (Mattias Põldaru)
 • fi (Jiri Grönroos)
 • fr (Bruno Brouard)
 • gl (Fran Dieguez)
 • hu (Gabor Kelemen)
 • id (Andika Triwidada)
 • it (Claudio Arseni, Milo Casagrande)
 • ja (Jiro Matsuzawa)
 • ko (Changwoo Ryu)
 • lt (Aurimas Černius)
 • lv (Rūdolfs Mazurs)
 • nb (Kjartan Maraas)
 • pa (A S Alam)
 • pl (Piotr Drąg)
 • pt (António Lima)
 • pt_BR (Enrico Nicoletto)
 • ru (Yuri Myasoedov)
 • sk (Ján Kyselica)
 • sl (Matej Urbančič)
 • sr (Мирослав Николић)
 • th (Akom Chotiphantawanon)
 • zh_CN (甘露)
 • zh_HK (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
 • zh_TW (Chao-Hsiung Liao)

Philip Withnall
December 19, 2013

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