ATK 2.11.4 released

About ATK

GNOME provides support for accessibility devices using the ATK
framework. This framework defines a set of interfaces to which
graphical interface components adhere. This allows, for instance,
screen readers to read the text of an interface and interact with its
controls. ATK support is built into GTK+ and the rest of the GNOME
platform, so any application using GTK+ will have reasonable
accessibility support for free.

Nonetheless, you should be aware of accessibility issues when when
developing your applications. Although GTK+ interfaces provide
reasonable accessibility by default, you can often improve how well
your program behaves with accessibility tools by providing additional
information to ATK. If you develop custom widgets, you should ensure
that they expose their properties to ATK.


* AtkRole:
  * Bug 720065: add roles for description lists
* Deprecations:
  * Bug 476674: deprecate table properties that depend on the
    row/column number
  * Bug 652798: kill AtkMisc
  * Deprecate connect/remove_property_change_handler
  * Deprecate atk_role_register
* Documentation:
  * Bug 644747: improve documentation for AtkObject::property-change
  * Improved AtkUtil documentation
  * Updated new symbols sections on documentation
  * Not using GTK-Doc tag "Virtual" anymore, as is deprecated
* Building:
  * Bug 644756: remove atkintl.h in favour of gi18n-lib.h from glib
  * Bug 652965: include atk-enum-types.h on atk.h
  * Fixed some gobject-introspection warnings
  * Replace INCLUDES for AM_CPPFLAGS to silence automake deprecation
* Visual C++ Studio files:
  * Add a PlatformToolsetTag on gengir MSVC Project
  * Split the Property Sheets
  * Update Visual C++ 2008 "install" phase
  * Bug 690145: use Python to Generate the MSVC Projects
* Miscellanea:
  * Bug 572489: atk_text_range_extents should use g_return_if_fail
  * Bug 653293: remove G_SIGNAL_DETAILED from atktext signals that
    doesn't use details
  * Bug 720095: add atk_object_peek_parent
  * Updated AUTHORS and doap files
  * Added role names on source file in order to be translated

   Chun-wei Fan, Kjartan Maraas, Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias, Colin
   Walters, Yue Wang

  Fran Diéguez (gl), Michael Jayt (zh_CN), Daniel Mustieles (es),
  Fábio Nogueira (pt_BR)

======== (646K)

Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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