GXml 0.3.2

Good day.

About GXml
GXml is a GObject XML library.

0.3.2 will probably be the last in the 0.3.x development series, and
will probably become a stable 0.4.0.

Master will change to 0.5.x for development with a 0.6.0 release
planned before the end of the summer featuring API breaks
(GXmlDomNode->GXmlNode, changes in error and memory handling), XPath
support, serialization changes, new examples, and more.

* improved autotools (Javier Jardon)
* internally updated to gee-0.8 (Daniel Espinosa)
* test improvements and fixes (Arnel Borja)
* doc updates and fixes
* more examples (C, JS, Python, Vala)
* serialization caching
* major memory fixes (Document manages its nodes' references; don't
free them yourself)
* fewer compile time warnings:
  * libxml-2.0.vapi fixes,
  * no longer uses -Wall; many warnings from valac, out of our control
* bug fixes

Arnel Borja, Daniel Espinosa, Javier Jardon, Richard Schwarting

http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gxml/0.3/gxml-0.3.1.tar.xz (468kB)
sha256sum: 623c0913befe765895b8b631dc6b98a874ccff872d60aaf00b12e366bad43a88

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