GDL 3.6 released


About gdl

GDL adds dockable widgets to GTK+. The user can rearrange those
widgets by drag and drop and layouts can be saved and loaded.
Currently it is used by anjuta, inkscape, nemiver, gstranslator and others.

Changes between 3.4.x and 3.6.0:

* Hidden windows position are now saved
* Remove GdlDockPlaceholder object
* Public members and macros have been replaced by access functions
* Improve documentation
* Fix bgo #667158 - Constructor for GdlDockBar loses 'dock' argument with gobj
* Fix bgo #680655 - test-dock crashes
* Fix bgo #544988 - Iconifying should be remebered
* Fix bgo #569160 - Anjuta doesn't remember main window layout
* Fix the preview window disappearing from time to time
* Add skip-taskbar property
* Translation updates

========  (509K)
sha256sum: 32a04fc96667e2f7ca1e3c853b996da3e62f4811b2a90d62cb2081f68aeecac3

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