ostree 2012.10


The biggest change in this release is that /etc is now writable, and we do
some basic configuration management.  This has unlocked a lot of things -
for example, NetworkManager can now write out wireless networks to /etc,
and this gets propagated forwards.

The second biggest change is that "ostadmin" is now "ostree admin".

And finally, we've added support for an "archive-z" mode.  I've been
testing this on the ostree.gnome.org build server, and it is a very
noticeable speedup for download time; it involves 1/2 the number of
HTTP requests, and is compressed to boot.

Adrian Perez (1):
      configure.ac: Fix checks for libarchive

Colin Walters (36):
      repo: Ensure all stored files are readable
      ostadmin: Add --ostree-dir option to init
      ostadmin: Cosmetic change for option defaults
      traverse: Set an explicit error when loading a corrupted commit
      repo: Call fdatasync() before adding objects to the repo
      core: Use O_NOATIME to open metadata
      Update libgsystem
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'aperezdc/fixes'
      Use correct libgsystem
      build: Add dist-snapshot
      ostadmin: Also ensure /ostree/modules exists
      core: Refactor diff to be an internal API
      otutil: Add a few more helper functions
      Make /etc a writable mount
      Move "ostadmin" => "ostree admin"
      update-kernel: Fix free -> g_object_unref
      admin: Ensure we pass options to subcommands
      ostadmin: Fix up deploy config logic again
      Extract keyfile helpers into libotutil
      pull: Check the remote repo type
      admin: Initialize /var more fully
      packages: Tweak srpm command
      packages: Update ostree.spec for file changes
      packaging: Update spec file per Fedora review
      diff: Fix case when used on native files
      tests: Drop tests of removed --atomic-retarget option
      core: Drop packfiles as they are now
      core: Clean up staging API and internals
      pull: Fix two minor memory leaks
      Add an archive-z repository mode
      Add tests missing from previous commit
      core: use open(..., O_NOATIME) for reading loose objects
      autogen.sh: Use set -e
      autogen: Only do submodule update if we don't have libgsystem
      packages: Two spec file fixes
      Release 2012.10

Giovanni Campagna (3):
      Update kernel files for command naming changes
      Add /ostree/current-etc symlink to current configuration
      Grub2: use /etc/system-release now that we have one

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