gstreamermm 0.10.11 is now available for download at:

12b5f377363594a69cb79f2f5cd0a8b1813ca6553680c3216e6354cfd682ebc6  gstreamermm-0.10.11.tar.xz

General Information 

gstreamermm provides C++ bindings for the GStreamer streaming multimedia
library (  With gstreamermm it is possible to
develop applications that work with multimedia in C++.

gstreamermm is developed over glibmm, libsigc++ and libxml++ and the
functionalities they provide.  This means that, among other things, referencing
and unreferencing of GObjects is handled automatically via glibmm's automatic
pointer class, Glib:RefPtr<>, and libsigc++'s slots are used for callbacks and

There are several examples, including a media player, in the examples/
directory, that demonstrate how to use the API and there are API docs in the
docs/reference/html directory.  The core plug-ins, such as Gst::Identity and
Gst::FileSrc are also provided along with many of the base plug-ins.

0.10.11 (unstable):

* Fix the media player example for MinGW.
* Fix the MiniObject wrapper memory leak (Bug #608702).
* Have the create() methods of the MiniObject derived classes return a derived
  type and not the base type (Bug #683580).
* Speed up library start-up by not loading plug-ins on initialization (Bug


  (It's in jhbuild)
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