ANNOUNCE: Tasque 0.1.12 Released!

Hello people!

Tasque 0.1.12 has been released:

Tasque 0.1.12 fixes some bugs. Most notably Tasque is now able to handle
recurring RTM tasks and it doesn't crash on Windows anymore.

Windows Users:
Tasque 0.1.12 is again available for Windows! Even more, it is provided as
an MSI package.

This release of Tasque is the first one (of many) that utilizes xbuild as the
build system. However, an auto tools interface is still available. This means
you can still run "./configure && make && make install". The Makefile then
invokes xbuild. The configure script is still mostly the same. You shouldn't
experience any differences in the build process to previous versions of Tasque,
other than the build log output being different. If you experience issues
with the build, please address them on the mailing list or report them as
bugs. Because of the change, xbuild is now a build dependency.

gnome-sharp and gconf dependencies are gone. dbus-sharp replaces

What is it?
Tasque is a simple task management app (TODO list) for the Linux Desktop.

What's new?
Version 0.1.12
* xbuild is now used for the build. An interface for autotools build is
still in place. So you can do "./configure && make && make install".
Other than xbuild being now a build requirement, no adjustments should
be necessary to build Tasque. If you encounter any problems, please
report them as bugs or address them on the mailing list.
* Tasque for Windows now features a msi installer.
* gtk-update-icon-cache is not run anymore after install.
* configure checks now for Mono.Data.Sqlite
* Fix for "recurring tasks": #656608
* Fix for "Crashes on startup in Windows 7": #634158
* Fix for "Remove gnome-sharp and gconf dependencies": #670391
* Fix for "Tasque build-depends on gtk-dotnet-sharp": #568910
* Adding task by clicking anywhere in the window now possible,
fixes partly #566499. Other part reported as #683664.
* Use dbus-sharp instead of NDesk.DBus: #671553
* Fix "Normal characters are escaped in notewidget label": #538017.
* Imitate tooltip in AppIndicator using a MenuItem: #649670
* Other bug fixes: #668422, #656513, #653354, #649752,
#578279, #566355.
* Translation updates: gl, cs, lv, pl, id, it, sr, sr@latin, es, sl.


Where to get?

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Have a lot of fun!

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