Lasem 0.3.4


Lasem 0.3.4 is now available.

Lasem is a library for rendering SVG and Mathml, implementing a DOM like
API. It's based on GObject and use Pango and Cairo for the rendering.
Included in the package, there is a simple application, lasem-render,
which is able to convert a Mathml, an itexmml (latex math like) or a SVG
file to either a PNG, PDF or SVG image.

Here's the changes since the last release:

        Display result of comparison to reference file in test suite.

        Use cairo API for filter implementation when possible.
        Fix blur misposition.
        Support for filter primitive subregion.
        Implementation of <feTile>.
        Implementation of BackgroundImage and BackgroundAlpha.
        Implementation of <switch>.
        Reimplement group opacity optimisation.
        Implementation of get_extents for <polygon>, <polyline>, <ellipse>, <line> and <text>.
        Add support for HSL color syntax.
        Fix parsing of stroke-dasharray when value are separated by spaces.

Lasem is available for download at:

Development happens on the GNOME servers:

        Emmanuel Pacaud.
Changes since the last tag 'LASEM_0_3_3':

Emmanuel Pacaud (60):
      Post-release version bump.
      svg_filter: fix flood color.
      tests: add filter subsurface position test.
      lsm-test: display OK when output is similar to the reference file.
      svg_filter: fix blur offset.
      tests: blur offset test.
      svg_filter: start to support primitive subregion.
      svg_filter: filter primitive subregion support.
      tests: new primitive subregion extent test.
      svg_filter: actually do something for feTile.
      svg_filter: remove unused attribute if flood filter.
      svg_filter: feSpecularLighting boilerplate.
      svg_view: don't push group for group opacity when clipping is in progress.
      svg_view: reimplement group opacity optimisation.
      svg_view: remove debugging printf.
      tests: always compare to test-ref.png file.
      tests: update reference file.
      tests: display comparison statistics at the end of lsm-test.
      tests: change copyright notice of lsm-test.
      svg_view: warning for missing filter feature.
      cairo: remove unused code.
      svg_filter: implement subregion for blur filter.
      tests: test for blur subregion.
      tests: directory reorganisation.
      tests: more test files.
      tests: more test files.
      tests: move some test files.
      tests: extents test file.
      tests: more file movements.
      svg_view: remove useless subregion parameter of filter functions.
      lsm-test: use ImageMagick compare tool for image comparison.
      svg: implement get_extents for <ellipse> and <line>.
      svg: implement get_extents for <polygon> and <polyline>.
      svg_text: dummy implementation of get_extents.
      svg_filter: rename LsmFilterSurface to LsmSvgFilterSurface.
      str_utils: factorize point list extent calculation.
      svg_view: move cairo path code to lsmcairo.
      svg_view: code comment.
      svg_text: lame text extents support.
      svg_view: pattern leak fix.
      tests: avoid compare version output at the start of lsm-test.
      svg_filter: implement BackgroundImage and BackgroundAlpha.
      tests: add BackgroundImage test.
      tests: disable repeat spread method test for radial gradients.
      tests: remove text from linecap and linejoin tests.
      tests: fix background-image test.
      svg_enums: fix blending mode to string.
      svg: add enable-background support.
      svg_filter: use all intermediate groups for BackgroundImage, and handle opacity.
      tests: new test file (switch, css, hsl colors).
      svg_switch: dummy implementation, render first element without evaluation.
      svg_switch: implement get_extents.
      TODO file update.
      svg: add hsl color support.
      tests: new hsl test file.
      tests: fix reference file name of hsl.svg.
      tests: more test in the suite.
      svg: fix dash array parsing, when values are space separated.
      NEWS file update.

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