Gtk# 2.99.0 released!

We're happy to announce the release of Gtk# 2.99.0.

This is the first release of C# bindings for GTK 3.x. It is a beta
release, primarily intended for applications developers who want to
start porting their application to GTK 3.x.

This version of Gtk# provides bindings for the API exposed by the
following libraries:
  * cairo 1.10.0
  * glib 2.28.0
  * pango 1.28.3
  * atk 1.32.0
  * gdk-pixbuf 2.22.1
  * gtk+ 3.0.0

There is no API stability guarantee for now, but we will try to keep breaking
changes to a minimum.

This version of Gtk# can be installed in parallel with Gtk# 2.x, and should not
have any impact on applications using Gtk# 2.x.


 * Gtk# 2.99.0 Tarballs:

 * Source code repository:

There are currently no binaries available for OS X or Windows for now,
but we hope to provide them in the future.

If you encounter any bad behavior with this release, please do not
hesitate to file bugs!

I'd like thank everybody who contributed to this release. This
wouldn't have been possible without their hard work !

Bertrand Lorentz

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