ANNOUNCE: folks 0.8.0

libfolks 0.8.0 is now available for download from:

3c8d9437266d85e135b664576f9d7c7cf056a6e92f18e562cf4e411ddb3c81f6  folks-0.8.0.changes
8c56c7594dd502ef5877e93181136e41f4ea03de4971372a7a04e7f1492eed9d  folks-0.8.0.tar.xz

libfolks 0.8.0 — GNOME 3.6!

Libfolks pulls together contacts from any number of accounts supported
by the libfolks backends. This release includes a number of backends,
including Telepathy, evolution-data-server, libsocialweb, Tracker, and
a simple key-file backend.

The 0.8.x stable series corresponds to GNOME 3.6. We will continue to
maintain API and ABI stability for the foreseeable future, with 0.8.x
guaranteed to be API compatible with 0.6.x. We will make an
announcement when we officially commit to API/ABI stability for the
project as a whole.

See the NEWS file for details on every break we made before 0.6.0. In
future releases, we will have example programs that will be kept
up-to-date with the latest API as well.

For more information, see the Folks wiki page:

Reference documentation is available here:

Overview of changes from libfolks to libfolks 0.8.0

Major changes:
• Some translation comment and documentation improvements
• Lots of updated translations

Bugs fixed:
• Bug 684014 — A few outstanding issues in the internationalisation
• Bug 683390 — Individuals sometimes not removed when disabling their
  Telepathy account
• Bug 672709 — Add new interaction details properties to individuals
  (follow-up patch)
• Bug 684954 — Debug message claim that Individual are created with no personas


libfolks depends upon core GNOME libraries (GLib, GIO, etc.), as well
as the recent releases of Vala and gobject-introspection. libfolks
0.8.x depends on libgee 0.6.x, not libgee 0.8.x.

The Telepathy backend also requires a recent release of telepathy-glib,
built to include its Vala bindings. It also requires libzeitgeist,
built to include its Vala bindings.

The EDS backend also requires a recent release of evolution-data-server,
built to include its Vala bindings.

The Tracker backend requires a recent version of Tracker, built to
include its Vala bindings.

The Libsocialweb backend requires a recent version of libsocialweb,
built to include its Vala bindings.


For any questions, comments, feature proposals, etc., please refer to
the folks mailing list or #folks on
For bug reports, please file them against the GNOME Bugzilla module

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