Boxes 3.7.2

Hi all,
  Announcing the first release in the unstable 3.7.x release cycle.

Changes since

- More reliable tracking of installation.
- Fix 'Continue' button disabled when choosing non-express installation for
  Windows XP.
- Clear search when search bar is dismissed.
- Use the right icon for selection mode and fullscreen buttons.
- Reset selection when exiting selection mode.
- Fix a bug in properties view where incorrect tab was shown for remote
- Handle screenshots correctly on force shutdown.
- Workaround some potential crashes in search provider.
- When password entry loses input focus while its empty, it now reverts back to
  'Add password' button.
- Add logo for RHEL 4.x, 5.x and 6.x.
- Ensure storage pool is active before using it.
- Add storage pool test to --checks.
- More reliable resetting of URL entry.
- Enter selection mode on right-click in collection view.
- Move force shutdown button from application menu to properties view.
- Add option to pause VMs.
- Make selection and properties views, and wizard's setup page look more like
- Add options to select all, none and running boxes.
- Allow search in selection mode.
- Allow accessing properties for non-running VMs (through selection mode).
- Show notifications on display page as well.
- Go back to display when user clicks thumbnail in properties view.
- Be more strict about SPICE URIs.
- Allow tweaking properties for remote machines in the wizard.
- Add keywords to the desktop file to make gnome-shell search more satisfying.
- Ensure we always disconnect display when we're not displaying it.
- Force shutdown the machine with user's consent if ACPI shutdown request is
  ignored by guest OS.
- Remove libvirt-glib hacks.
- Add USB redirection support in new VMs if supported. Also provide configure
  option to completely disable it at build time.
- Don't show USB properties if VM does not support USB redirection.
- Add option to add USB redirection support to existing VMs.
- Load OS database asynchronously to reduce Boxes load time.
- Fix a build issue.
- Added/updated/fixed translations:
    - Belarusian
    - Estonian
    - Galician
    - Indonesian
    - Korean
    - Lithuanian
    - Norwegian bokmål
    - Persian
    - Serbian
    - Slovak
    - Slovenian
    - Spanish
    - Polish
- Some other functional and non-functional improvements and fixes.

Dependencies changed:

- libosinfo >= 0.2.1
- libvirt-gobject >= 0.1.4
- libvirt-gconfig >= 0.1.4

All contributors to this release:

Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com>
Andika Triwidada <andika gmail com>
Arash Mousavi <mousavi arash gmail com>
Aurimas Černius <aurisc4 gmail com>
Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau redhat com>
Daniel Mustieles <daniel mustieles gmail com>
Dušan Kazik <prescott66 gmail com>
Fran Diéguez <fran dieguez mabishu com>
Frédéric Péters <fpeters 0d be>
Ihar Hrachyshka <ihar hrachyshka gmail com>
Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas gnome org>
Marc-André Lureau <marcandre lureau gmail com>
Matej Urbančič <mateju svn gnome org>
Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Mattias Põldaru <mahfiaz gmail com>
Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag gmail com>
Shankar Prasad <svenkate redhat com>
Jakub Steiner <jimmac gmail com>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>
Мирослав Николић <miroslavnikolic rocketmail com>

What is Boxes?

A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems.


* View, access, and use:
 * remote machines
 * remote virtual machines
 * local virtual machines
 * When technology permits, set up access for applications on local
  virtual machines
* View, access, and use virtual machines on removable media
* View, access, and use shared connection / machines
* Share connections?
* Upload / publish virtual machines
* Select favorites
* Search for connections


* Enterprise system management / administration
* Asset management
* Software distribution
* Automation

Use Cases

* Connect to a local virtual machine for testing.
* Connecting to a work machine from home.
* Connect to a work machine over a low quality cellular network.

Homage page



Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

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