ostree 2012.12


There are two major changes in this release.  First, there's the
introduction of a new "archive-z2" type.  This supplants the previous
"archive-z" (which ostree no longer reads).  This repository type is now
used on http://ostree.gnome.org.

The major advantage of this is that content objects are compressed (just
with gzip), which translates into pretty significant download size
savings as you might expect.  However, we still want to do the magic
hardlink trick for checkouts to keep buildroot construction cheap, so
there's a cache of uncompressed objects.

What's even more exciting in this release is that ostree-pull is fully
asynchronous and multithreaded. This is *huge* win for download times.
Especially on a warm disk cache, you can pull small deltas (e.g. just an
updated gnome-shell build) in *seconds*.  Yes, seconds. Deployment is
unfortunately still mostly bottlenecked on gtk-update-icon-cache =/   I
also need to make the checkout of /etc asynchronous/threaded.

In the big picture, do keep expecting commands to be renamed, options to
change, etc. OSTree is still young.  You have jhbuild and
rpm/dpkg/portage/whatever to fall back on, so I want to take at least
another year to battle-test the system and ensure things like the
on-disk filesystem format are *right*.

Colin Walters (32):
      admin: Prepare /var/log/dracut.log when creating initramfs
      admin: Install grub2 config file if we detect /etc/grub.d
      pull: Asynchronous metadata fetch
      pull: Merge metadata and content fetch phases
      pull: Ensure queued filemeta requests don't starve everything else
      pull: Stage metadata objects asynchronously
      pull: Stage content asynchronously
      pull: Ensure worker queue finishes if we unhold an empty queue too
      core: Only do devino scan on commit (speeds up pull)
      pull: Print elapsed time
      core: Add dynamic uncompressed object cache for archive-z
      repo: Avoid race condition in threaded checkout with symbolic links
      core: Ensure file data is synced to disk when checking out via non-hardlinks
      core: Make mkdir -p function safer
      core: Fix regression in previous commit
      core: Threadsafe recursive direction creation is harder than it appears
      core: Prefix some error messages
      core: One more minor tweak to recursive directory creation
      core: A few more error-prefixings
      core: Fix case where we hardlinked successfully but thought we didn't
      checkout: Drop uncompressed object GC for now
      core: Call fdatasync() before we rename()
      core: Rework archive-z mode to have header be uncompressed
      core: Fix devino speedup for archive-z
      core: And one more race in multithreaded mkdir -p
      core: Use linkat() rather than link() in threaded checkouts
      core: Ensure correct file data is synced in non-overwrite case
      core: Check out files before directories
      core: quiet a compiler warning
      libgsystem: Update
      admin: Add new pull-deploy command
      Release 2012.12

Jasper St. Pierre (1):
      ot-main: Ignore lt- prefixes in binary names

Matthias Clasen (1):
      Make ostree admin --help output more useful

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