GottenGeography 1.3 released!

What is it?

GottenGeography is a simple and streamlined application for recording
geotags directly into photo EXIF data. It is capable of reading
logfiles from various GPS devices to accomplish this in an automatic
way, but it also allows manual tagging for those users who do not own
GPS units.

As a side effect it is also useful for visualizing previously-tagged
photos on a map, and for viewing GPS tracks directly on a map even if
you don't have any related photos.

What exciting technologies set it apart from the many other, similar
applications out there?

It's written in Python, and it uses all the sexy new
gobject-introspection magic to make a great, native GNOME3 experience.
It's also using ilbchamplain and OpenStreetMap to display maps, which
makes for a fun, immersive experience when navigating the map.

What's new?

Many improvements since the last announcement! Here are some highlights:

* It's now able to display 5 different maps instead of just the
default OpenStreetMap Mapnik map.

* DB dump has seen a huge update, meaning improved
reverse geocoding results.

* Significant improvements to the drag&drop support, allowing photos
to be dragged directly from the file browser onto the map (previously
this would only load the photos, now it actually places them on the
map as well).

* Extensive port from GConf to GSettings, including new settings like
remembering the last-used window size and the last-used map source.

* Finally have an application icon! ;-)

Where can I get it?

How can I help out?

Well, we always need translators, and also if you have some icon
design skills ours is quite rudimentary ;-)

Why not try it out and report some bugs?

With many thanks to Marc Ordinas i Llopis for many bugfixes over the past month.


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