Announcing libsecret

libsecret is a library for storing and retrieving passwords and other secrets. It communicates with the "Secret Service" using DBus. gnome-keyring and ksecretservice are both implementations of a Secret Service.

libsecret replaces libgnome-keyring. libsecret works with multiple threads, is introspectable, and uses proper async model. It also has GDBus style proxy objects for various keyrings and items on the server.

As time permits I'll be coming around and posting patches for various projects that use libgnome-keyring to migrate them to libsecret.

libsecret is not all stable yet. It has a basic password storage and retrieval API, which is (hopefully) stable:

There's a more complete API for power users (like seahorse), which isn't stable:

The goal is to use this 3.4 cycle to figure out any further issues with the libsecret API, and fix them up. Hopefully we can have something stable by 3.6

Source: [1]
Documentation: [2]



[1] Code importation not yet completed, as I want to have the liberty to be able to make drastic changes for the next few weeks...

[2] Obviously this will go into

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