totem 3.3.92 released

totem 3.3.92 is now available from:

e42b38c28363c9583015e9262eacb731ff0890a42c27d0d2657e98bd92a7f95d  totem-3.3.92.changes
d76180ddb0309ffff60a50b3df36ff3ba015380ae43b47748ed7c2d184a42382  totem-3.3.92.tar.xz

This micro release (which is the 3.4 RC) includes some extra configure
checks for plugins, plus translation updates for Malayalam, Brazilian
Portuguese, Estonian, Vietnamese and Dutch.

About Totem

Totem is movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer.
It features a playlist, a full-screen mode, seek and volume controls,
as well as complete keyboard navigation.

Apart from a movie player, it also includes a Mozilla plugin, and a
Nautilus thumbnailer and properties page.

Overview of changes from 3.3.90 to 3.3.92

* Check plugins for introspection in configure

Philip Withnall
March 18, 2012

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