GottenGeography 2.0!

What is it?

The best photo geotagging application for the GNOME desktop! Very easy
to use drag & drop interface.

Here's a screencast of what the new v2.0 looks like:

What's new? Over 300 commits since version 1.3! Here are the highlights:

- Major UI overhaul, allowing for per-camera and per-trackfile config
- Added Mallard help docs with basic tutorial including screenshots
- Massive improvement in testsuite coverage
- Convert to GtkApplication, enforcing single-instance UI
- Start using Gnome Shell menu
- Reduce some incompatibity with Python 2.6
- Major performance enhancements, UI feels significantly more responsive
- Improve drag&drop accuracy
- More timezones available in the manual timezone selector
- Allow choosing UTC offsets as well as timezones
- Add support for CSV, and Garmin TCX (in addition to existing GPX and
KML support)
- Huge expansion in use of GObject properties/signals to automate things
- New animation when you search for a city
- Fixed a segfault when closing photos
- Implement general-purpose memoizer for performance
- Converted testsuite to Nose
- Allow multiple photos during drag & drop
- Use GtkInfoBar instead of GtkStatusBar
- No more preferences dialog

Where can I get it? Here:

Happy tagging!


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