Baobab 3.5.3

hi all,

I just released Baobab 3.5.3 as the first release following the rewrite in Vala and user interface revamp.

The changes to the user interface, in particular, are not finalised. There will be more activity here. Feedback is welcome.

Please note that this release depends on an unreleased version of Vala. Hopefully there will be a Vala tarball (0.17.2 or 0.17.3) by the 3.5.3 deadline.

Download from:

917a4f2494a142a5ec6ff6a5f87ab74c0a31807628dd405d2d153ab92b8f1c06 baobab-3.5.3.tar.xz


 * Near-complete rewrite in Vala (with substantial internal

 * Completely new user interface concept (with more changes to come)

 * Updated translations (ar, be, el, es, es, fr, gl, he, hi, ja, nb, nn,
   nn, nn, nn, sl)

Contributors since last release:

 Bruno Brouard
 Chandan Kuamr
 Daniel Mustieles
 Fran Diéguez
 Garrett Regier
 Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
 Ihar Hrachyshka
 Kalev Lember
 Khaled Hosny
 Kjartan Maraas
 Matej Urbančič
 Paolo Borelli
 Piotr Drąg
 Ryan Lortie
 Shuuji Takahashi
 Stefano Facchini
 Tom Tryfonidis
 Yaron Shahrabani
 Åsmund Skjæveland


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